Paul Cardis, M.A., M.S.

As an extensively published author (over 150 articles, 5 magazine cover stories, and 1 book to date), Paul Cardis is highly regarded by his peers in the area of customer experience (CX). 

In early 1992 Paul founded Avid Ratings, a leading customer experience firm specializing in enterprise- level metrics for large scale and publicly traded companies. Under Paul’s leadership Avid Ratings served more than 2,500 companies throughout North America to measure their customers’ experience (CX) and develop organizational solutions to transform their customers’ journey. Avid Ratings’ “voice of the customer” solution (GoSurvey®) and customer engagement technology (GoSocial®) enabled companies throughout North America to harness the power of authentic customer reviews to increase sales. Avid was named a Top 50 Most Influential Technology Company in 2014 and 2015, and named AvidCX suite “Best Product” three years in a row within the construction industry. Today, Avid is the world’s largest provider of customer research and integrated marketing for the real estate industry. The firm now collects more than 10 million customer reviews every year.

Paul successfully exited Avid Ratings in August 2019 and launched The Cardis Group, a consultancy to help companies leverage his experience to transform company cultures to deliver amazing customer experiences. Paul believes this culture change occurs when an organization evolves from being exclusively financially-driven to becoming customer-driven. In his new book The Rise and Fall of Disruption – Total CX, (due out in 2020), Paul explains the rise of renowned companies, like Apple, Tesla, Uber, and Starbucks, but through the lens of the customer experience (CX). In the book, Paul takes you through a journey to understand disruption from the perspective of the customer that defines the meteoric rise of great companies we all admire, and also demystify the reasons that some have fallen from grace. The Cardis Group team implements the Total CX model from this book to help leaders worldwide transform their organizations and realize superior financial results.

Among Paul’s many accolades is his work in the major media, including Time magazine, Marketwatch, MSN, Yahoo, The Washington Post, AZCentral, Nation’s Building News, and hundreds of other websites, local newspapers, newsletters, and local television broadcasts. Paul is a regular speaker at major industry events, including The International Builders’ Show, PCBC, Leader to Leader, and many online events. He also conducts regular educational sessions for his clients, national associations, and private groups throughout North America. Paul co-published his first book Service Certainty in December 2016, to help clients understand and improve the customer experience for the construction industry.

Paul passionately believes in the ethical conduct of publishing online customer reviews and promoting company transparency through the honest disclosure of customer feedback. He has personally advocated stopping review fraud and review scrubbing prevalent in customer review marketplace today. Paul campaigned vigorously for the passage of the Consumer Review Fairness Act (now Federal Law), and met with then Honorable Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan to support the Bill, which now makes it Federally illegal for companies to threaten or contractually prohibit consumers from posting honest opinions about a company or service in reviews online. 

Paul has earned two master’s degrees in educational psychology with an emphasis in research methods and human development from the University of Northern Iowa and University of Wisconsin Madison. 

Paul Cardis, M.A. M.S.
Service Certainty