Helped over 3000 companies across multiple industries improve their organizational performance and the customer journey.


Digital Sales Platform

Virtually Tour, Design, Select Lots, Explore Community and more ­– The digital sales experience has been thrusted into the spotlight with the advent of the pandemic which has forced prospects to research and purchase remotely. The Cardis Group intimately works with the leading provider of digital sales experience technology to help our clients customize a solution that is robust and beautiful, encapsulating form and function at the highest-level delivering marketing leading sales performance. From home builders to healthcare facilities, being able to offer customers a superior online and mobile experience is paramount to connecting with today’s buyers and with The Cardis Group, we will curate and implement a solution that will exceed your and your customers’ expectations.

Learning Platform and Knowledge Guide

Employee engagement and learning is critical for companies to grow and perform. With effective learning your company will develop more qualified employees that increase quality, service, and overall customer/employee satisfaction. The Cardis Group will assess and deploy enterprise employee education at both the frontline and leadership levels for home building, building products, hospitality, and healthcare organizations. We have partnered with industry leading learning development company serving Starbucks, Macy’s, Invisalign and many other Fortune 500 brands. The Cardis Group has secured exclusive subject matter experts (SME’s) in building sciences, hospitality, customer experience, and healthcare diagnostics to create amazing courses created for our clients and software tailored to their needs.

Customer Portals

Imagine if once your customer has made a purchase you had a customizable and dynamic application to keep them in touch with the progress of the purchase – assuming that there is a time gap between purchasing and delivery. Our solution is a highly integrated application that synchronizes with your backend systems to deliver up to date status, important product data, communication portal, and an “Uber” like experience to provide a delightful buyer journey by simplifying the process. In addition, we work with a world class concierge service to provide added services to your customers for high end purchasing applications like home building, high end hospitality, and health care.

Communications Platform

Live Video Customer Communication – The Cardis Group has solutions to address improve communications with buyers across the customer experience. Given the changes to customer interaction post pandemic, the use of video calls has become pervasive. However, these calls can often be fraught with technical challenges that inhibit the customer experience. The Cardis Group provide a unique and exclusive platform for ubiquitous video (Facetime like) communication that works across all devices but it goes beyond just standard video calls in that it integrates augmented reality (increasing the quality of the call) along with enterprise solutions to manage the legality of video calls and even record/store each transaction for internal and customer viewing post call. This solution gives your company an enormous edge in a world that is increasingly relying on digital solutions for customer communication. Our clients in home building, utilities, construction trades, healthcare and hospitality are successfully integrating this solution to improve and safeguard when employees use personal mobile devices to conduct video calls with customers. Buyers experience a dramatic improvement in the quality of calls, reduction of onsite visits (saving time and resources), and delight from a high-touch rapid response. This solution is being used in the Sales, Delivery and Warranty phases of a purchase.

Consulting Services

Customer Experience Audit

Using a proprietary model our team of live observers will document the customer journey from the actual perspective of the customer. Our team goes onsite and shadows customers as they are experiencing your company and records these interactions to be reviewed by our customer experience psychologists to determine how the experience was perceived by the customer. A detailed report and presentation of the results are provided to each of our clients.

Best Practice Implementation

Every strategy must include a Blueprint in order for the organization to grasp and make real change throughout. Our team will lead in the development of a blueprint for your organization so that employees throughout have clear goals, critical success factors, KPI’s, and specific best practices they can deploy to achieve the desired goals.

Strategic Planning

With the knowledge gained from a comprehensive CX audit, our team will lead your executives through a strategic planning session to enlighten, inspire, innovate and transform your organization. Our team works with the executives step by step to develop the strategic plan and outline the tactical plan for executing on it.

Cultural Transformation

Once a plan is being implemented, steps to change the company culture are required to realize and sustain real change throughout the organization. This is an often-daunting task that is difficult to pinpoint and influence. The Cardis Group team specializes in making real cultural change happen by targeting the fabric of the organization and its key stakeholders who define the culture in the organization. With our experts that have years of experience making this happen, our team is an invaluable resource to organizations looking to make real change.