Customer Experience Audit

– Using a proprietary model our team of live observers will document the customer journey from the actual perspective of the customer. Our team goes onsite and shadows customers as they are experiencing your company and records these interactions to be reviewed by our customer experience psychologists to determine how the experience was perceived by the customer. A detailed report and presentation of the results are provided to each of our clients.

Strategic Planning

– With the knowledge gained from a comprehensive CX audit, our team will lead your executives through a strategic planning session to enlighten, inspire, innovate and transform your organization. Our team works with the executives step by step to develop the strategic plan and outline the tactical plan for executing on it.

Cultural Transformation

– Once a plan is being implemented, steps to change the company culture are required to realize and sustain real change throughout the organization. This is an often-daunting task that is difficult to pinpoint and influence. The Cardis Group team specializes in making real cultural change happen by targeting the fabric of the organization and its key stakeholders who define the culture in the organization. With our experts that have years of experience making this happen, our team is an invaluable resource to organizations looking to make real change.

Best Practice Implementation

– Every strategy must include a Blueprint in order for the organization to grasp and make real change throughout. Our team will lead in the development of a blueprint for your organization so that employees throughout have clear goals, critical success factors, KPI’s, and specific best practices they can deploy to achieve the desired goals.

Employee Education

– No transformation is complete without an extensive employee education program that ensures that every person in the organization has access to the right knowledge and tools in their toolkits to be successful. Employee education includes customized curriculum development and also relies upon the library of existing educational modules created by the Cardis Group Team. The list of modules is extensive (over 60 to date and growing) these include customer service skills, conflict resolution, authenticity, process improvement, digital experience, quality control, service delivery, etc.

The World of CX – Our Model

– Our entire program is based on the proprietary CX model developed by The Cardis Group and used exclusively by its clients. The model has received acclaim by its many clients who embrace its tenants to guide their organizations. Paul Cardis is releasing a book on the model in 2020. Until then the model is a proprietary aspect of working with The Cardis Group and provides your company exclusive access and the rights to deploy it internally.